Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Weeds in the Garden?

In an earlier blog post I spoke about how I had planted things in my garden but am not sure what they look like when they only have leaves. With some  things, I am not sure if they are food plants or weeds.

Well with the help of a few gardening friends, I have cleared out a lot of weeds, but there are a few plants I am still not sure of.

I had my son take pictures of them.

Will this grow into something useful or should I get rid of it? There is nothing in the yard that looks anything like it.

Or how about this one?

This (below) might be a tomato plant, but the leaves are different shape from the one plant that I know is tomato because I started it in the house. It had six companions that didn’t survive the hardening off process so I did direct sow some more, but I thought I had planted the same variety.

So do I keep these or compost them? I don’t know. Do you?

This is my 29th post for the Ultimate Blog Challenge. Two more to go. Today!


  1. I have no idea, but they look interesting :-)

  2. Thanks for asking, Melinda. I don't recognize either of your mystery plants. Sorry I'm no help there. But I have a sense about weeds. In my opinion, typical weeds grow more vigorously than plants you're hoping to nurture, so before long the weeds crowd out everything else. That's why we call them weeds and remove them from our garden.
    This means two things:
    First, again in my opinion, whether we consider a plant a weed depends on what else we're growing there. No plant by itself is a weed. Most plants are lovely in some way. Weeds included.
    Second, keep an eye on whatever seems to outgrow all its neighbors. For you, that might be a weed.
    Good luck with these two guys.

    1. Ah. Thanks. I actually have a "native plant" garden which is basically what a lot of people call weeds, but they look pretty and grow well so I keep them.

      These are in my vegetable garden, though. They are outgrowing their neighbors, so maybe they are weeds. Where do these thing come from?

    2. Robbie, I just to my kids this yesterday. IF a plant is not growing where you want it to, it is a weed.

  3. Melinda, it is wonderful you made it through the 31 days. I had major family things come up so I didn't make it. Your first picture I think is a weed. Your 3rd picture, the very back is a tomato. The middle plant (MIGHT) be a pepper. I am not for sure on the pepper.