Saturday, July 14, 2012

Vegetables of Unknown Variety

We used to get most of our vegetables off the grocery store reduced rack. We ended up with some very good vegetables very cheaply. Usually one or two things in the bag would need parts cut out, but other than that they were fine.

They weren't labeled, though, so sometimes we would be eating stuff without knowing what to call it. "Vegetables of unknown variety" became a staple phrase in our house. We'd try to guess and we'd joke about them.

Now, we've joined a CSA. (For those who are new to the term CSA -- look here.)

We have been getting fresh vegetables and fruit every week -- in abundance. We split a half share from a local farm so we are paying less than $10 a week.

 Nothing is labeled and we get stuff we don't recognize. So we are still eating vegetables of unknown variety. Fresh, organic vegetables of unknown variety are just as good for a laugh as their reduced rack counterparts.

What food adventures have you had lately?

I love my CSA for their food and because they support the Pan -Mass Challenge. More on that next week.

This is my 14th post for the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I'm going for 31 posts in 31 days!


  1. Your family is brave. Mine will not eat something that they don't know what it is. That is not to say they will not eat something new. They just have to know what it is first. My kids are trying yellow watermelon this year. It is not ripe yet, but they are looking forward to trying it.

  2. Sometimes....usually I have to eat it first.