Saturday, July 21, 2012

Weaving God's Love Across Cultures

I went to a multi-cultural festival today.

There were booths with dozens of churches represented and people from places like Bhutan, Nagaland, Burma, Zambia, Haiti and Costa Rica. There was ethnic food, clothes and jewelry for sale, and singing in many languages.

The highlight of the day was a baptism service. Candidates from four churches (and four countries) were immersed by their own pastors as we all participated in the liturgy. The prayer was in Karen. No one translated, we knew God understood.

It was a beautiful testimony to the universality of the gospel message and I am glad my son and I got to be a part of it.

When have you seen God at work among people who are different from each other?

I was at the Multi-Cultural Festival reperesenting the Christian Youth Conference at Ocean Park a fabulous two week conference for high school teens that begins August 5 on the beautiful southern coast of Maine.

This is my 19th post for the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

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