Sunday, July 1, 2012

Two Beautiful Days

This week, I have been blessed by two wonderful days.

First, there was today. I attended the baptism of a friend's young daughter. We worshipped in a tent, went down to a cove for the baptism ceremonies and fellowshipped together at a barbecue. The weather was lovely, the spirit amazing. It was a truly fabulous way to celebrate new life in Christ. Such a happy occasion.

Then, there was last Thursday. I went out to Martha's Vineyard with CYC friends for a Memorial Service. The weather was gorgeous and John Wilbur --whom we were remembering -- had been the Conference's weatherman for decades. We worshipped at a lovely church, ate together, comforted the family and then went walking about before we got back on the ferry. A few of us even rode a carousel. We all talked about what a good day it had been.

And it had been a good day, for all that we were at funeral. John was close to 90 and was a man of faith who is surely with God. Our memories of him are good ones, his legacy a vital part of our lives. We were together. We laughed, remembered, shared, worshipped. In sunshine and warmth with just the right breeze. Yes, a good day.

What beautiful days have you been blessed with recently?

CYC is  a two-week conference for high school teens that combines worship, Christian education, friendship and fun to offer a life-changing experience on the beautiful southern coast of Maine.

This is my first entry in the July Ultimate Blog Challenge. I am going for 30 posts in 30 days!


  1. Nice reading and shows how great it is to share with others in Christ.

    1. It is a great thing. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. It's always nice to acknowledge those 'good days' - the more you do, the more good days you are sure to have.
    I'm trying to get to a point where every day is a good day in my book...
    ~Sunfire / Sunfire's Ramblings / The Dragon's Breath

  3. That's a good goal. And surely, if we focus on the positive we'll be more aware of it.