Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"Go to jail. Go directly to jail....

Monopoly is a capricious game.

One time it will seem that the Matthew principle (to whomever has much more will be given) is at work. Another time there will be a dramatic turnaround.

One game you build up a lot and then are caught without cash when you land on somebody's hotel.

Another time you hold cash and can't earn any.

Or the exact opposite of either can happen.

It makes it hard to plan a strategy.

We are on a Monopoly kick at my house at the moment. My son is determined to conquer the game. He wants to win consistently -- and always must count his cash.  He wins about half the time, but that's not good enough.

It's hard to explain that some parts of the game -- like the dice rolls-- are out of the player's control.

Sometimes in real life it seems that some people are lucky and others can never catch a break. It's hard to remember that, sometimes, hard-working and determined people fail through no fault of their own. It can be easy to sit in judgement and call them lazy or say they made the wrong choices. It just doesn't seem like people who try hard will fall short. But sometimes things are beyond their control.

That is why, I think, we are told not to judge. We just don't know the circumstances.

Have you seen situations like that?

This is my 30th post for the July 2012 Ultimate Blog Challenge.

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