Monday, July 9, 2012

Popular Posts

What makes people read a post?

I have been wondering about this and looking at my own posts to see what's happened with them.

Timing and connections are important, I think.

By far my most read post -- with nearly double the number of page views of any other -- was this post on Drunk Driving. I wrote it at the one year mark after a young friend was killed in an accident caused by a drunk and drugged driver. In addition to my usual methods of sharing my blog, I put the link on his Facebook page, which was receiving a lot of traffic. Of all the posts I have made, I am actually glad that one was the most popular. Perhaps it will make people think twice about driving under the influence. I can only pray it is so.

Another popular post, Mourning an Icon, was one I wrote immediately after the death of a long time CYC leader. He was older and had lived his life well, touching many people. Community members would have been looking to share memories and may have been stirred to look at that post.

My third most popular post was Encounter with Racial Profiling which was about an incident that had happened a few weeks before during CYC, the youth conference I volunteer with. I am not sure how that became most popular, except that I messaged the link to the people who had been involved.

What have you found makes some of your posts more popular than others?

CYC is a two week conference for teens that meets on the southern coast of Maine beginning on August 5, 2012. Check it out for yourself or any teens you know!

This is my eighth entry in the July Ultimate Blog Challenge, through which I got the idea for this post. I am going for 31 posts in July.

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