Saturday, July 7, 2012

My boy's going away...

Jordan is off to camp tomorrow.

This will be his fourth year attending a one - week sleep away camp. The first year he didn't want to go. He was quite adamant about it actually. Screamed, cried. People recommended I not send him.

 I spoke to the camp director, a friend of mine. "You know this, Melinda. They cry when they come, they cry when they leave. He'll be fine."

And he was, of course. When we went to pick him up at the end of the week, he was totally uninterested in us. He just kept playing carpetball with his new friends while we packed up his stuff. Now he's a veteran camper. Good thing, really, since I volunteer in camping ministry and he's stuck with it.

I think kids need camp. It teaches them independence, how to cope without Mom and Dad. A safe and worthwhile camp is needed, of course. You want to check out where you're sending your kids and who they will be with. But these baby steps are essential, in my view, in preparing kids for adulthood.  Even when Mom misses her boy.

What do you think?

My son will be attending Grotonwood Camp and Conference Center which I highly recommend.

I volunteer for the Christian Youth Conference at Ocean Park which is a very worthwhile two-week program for high school kids.

This is my sixth entry for the Ultimate Blog Challenge

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