Friday, July 27, 2012

Sisterhood of Bloggers

 Cheri, at Idle Chatter honored me with this award  I have enjoyed meeting so many terrific people through the Ultimate Blog Challenge and reading their helpful, humourous and touching blogs. This just adds to the fun. Thank you, Cheri, for including me in this award.

Sisterhood Rules:
1. Thank the giver
2. Post 7 things about yourself
3. Pass the award on to 7 other bloggers and let them know they’ve been nominated
4. Include the logo of the award in a post or on your blog

1. Thanks again, Cheri. I really am touched by the award.

2. Seven things about me .... hmmm....
   I love working with teenagers and young adults.
   I am a geek. A proud one. I watch Star Trek and larp and know how 
             to make boffer weapons. I read science fiction and fantasy and 
             watch those kinds of movies, too, when I watch any.
   I don't own a microwave oven, the TV doesn't get channels, the  only 
             cell phone in the house is for my business and I have to go to 
             the library (or somewhere) to access the internet. Friends say 
             I need to join the 21st century.
   Once upon a time, I was a special needs teacher. Now I homeschool 
              my son and do a little advocacy and parents' rights training on 
              the side.
    I love Jesus.
    Someday, I want to see Alaska; but my next planned trip is to Burma.
    I have a tendency to get lost when I drive.

3. This is tough, choosing seven blogs out of the many great ones I have encountered, but here goes. These are all worth checking out:

Kebba, Upbeat Spiritual Living
Jenna, Mind, Body, Soul
Paula D'Andrea, Rock Your Life
Kerri Ellis, Creating My Own Little Nirvana
Johanna, River Runs Through It
Lisa,  Taber's Truths
Melissa, The Bright Side

A note to these winners, I chose you because your blog has been touching, uplifting or useful. I don't want in anyway to obligate you to anything, so if you don't want to participate further, that's fine. Just know you have made a difference to a least one person. Thanks.

4. I tried, but I can't figure out how. :( Sorry

Have a blessed day!!

This is my 25th post for the Ultimate Blog Challenge.


  1. Okay, what self-respecting geek has so little cool technology in their home? ;-)

    Seriously, though, glad you played along. And, if you want the badge on this post, all you have to do is save the photo from my post and then add it here. If you want to display it permanently on the blog, save the picture, then go to your layout section, choose add a gadget (wherever you'd like to put it) and then select the picture gadget from the list of options. Select the photo from your files, save the changes, and there you have it: bragging rights forever!

    1. OK. I'll try again :)

      And thanks for the award.