Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Being Mom

Sometimes, I think my son forgets he has more than one parent.

For example: The child has two soundly sleeping parental units, and only ever calls out "Mom! Mom!" when he has thrown up all over the bathroom. Dad sleeps right through it, because he's not "Mom".

I know I should feel flattered really....but after a repeatedly interrupted night's sleep, I still want to change my name. To "Dad" maybe :).

Of course, such dependence is a blessing and a joy inherently, even when I can't see it. And it won't last much longer. Even last night, the boy cleaned himself the first time without calling me. Soon he'll be taking care of himself all the time ......and then he'll be gone and I'll miss him.

So, I remember that this, too, shall pass and keep my own name.

(and try to take a nap today)

Oh....Jordan's feeling better and enjoying his popsicles....

Have a blessed day!

This is my 23rd post for the Ultimate Blog Challenge.


  1. I have spent more than 27 years being KC's mom. I forgot my own first name there for a while. Even moms would introduce each other as "So and So's Mom". I was looking for the person behind me when one of her friends called me Mrs. Tuttle at her wedding... Now she is grown, and I still don't recognize my name. Life is great!

  2. It is! I hear the "so and so's Mom" thing all the time. Wouldn't trade it for the world, though. Not really.

  3. I've never had kids, but did have a fabulous golden retriever, Ike, who was well known in my community (and actually, around the world). I was known as "Ike's mom" and people who would meet me on the beach with Ike wouldn't recognize me later on, if they met me elsewhere, until I'd say "I'm Ike's mom" then it would click.

  4. What a great story! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Glad your young one is feeling better, and I hope you got your nap, or at least a better night's sleep. But you're right about things changing and time passing. My "young one" will be 21 this fall, and there are times I'd give just about anything to be needed again. ;-)

  6. *sigh* Yes I know that's looming! Thanks for stopping by :)