Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Something Accomplished

Today we turned our garage into usable space.

Well, I say garage, but really I mean garage-sized shed. It's old and I don't think we could put a car in it.

Until this morning, it was full of stuff. A lot of stuff in a jumble. My son wanted a clubhouse and I wanted things to be more accessible. So out everything came. We roughly sorted it as it went on the driveway and grass.

The worst part of the job came next. Sweeping out. I wore a respitator it was so bad. The fact that I never remember my parents sweeping out the garage when I was a kid doesn't mean it didn't happen. Children have a way of being oblivious to chores. But I know it wasn't cleaned in a long time. Found peanut shells, a million leaves, even a dead mouse. The job took an hour.


We threw a bunch of stuff out.

We are storing stuff for someone, so that got neatly piled in the back.

We took our own stuff and organized it.

Finally, we let the boy arrange a table and chairs, a book case, an easel and some boyish stuff for his own use.

He's happy. We have a clean, usable shed. It took three hours and we didn't spend a penny.

Everyone's happy.

What's been your favorite project lately?

This is my third entry in the July Ultimate Blog Challenge. I am going for 30 posts in 30 days!


  1. Great use of an afternoon...not terribly fun during the process, but a great feeling of accomplishment once it's done.

  2. It is a great feeling. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. It IS a great feeling! My friend helps me push through my ADD when it comes to de-cluttering and clearing. Otherwise, you'll find me knee deep in letters from my 15 year old boyfriend surrounded by a pile of crap that I now can't deal with because I got overwhelmed. Congrats on getting it done!

    1. Thanks. I know what's it like to be overwhelmed by clutter-- glad you have a friend to help push you through it.

  4. Clearing out the shed is also a metaphor for clearing out the clutter in your life! Good Job!

    My project has been video taping a 50th High School Reunion! I am not a professional, but I have the skills... it is taking a long time to get done!

    Be Well.

    1. It is for sure.

      The Reunion project sounds like a good one. Those videos can be very touching for the participants!

  5. Glad you were able to get some work done and did not have to pay anyone for it. My husband has been cleaning out the house next door. There was so much mess on the deck. He cleaned up all the leaves and cut down all the trees. I am impressed how great the house looks. I actually can go outside and sit on the deck without feeling icky.

    1. That's a good feeling, too. Enjoy your new view!

  6. Feels great to purge things! Great family stories come from events like this.