Sunday, November 19, 2017

Song for Sunday: Come Ye Thankful People Come

This week's Song for Sunday is a hymn that takes as back to the original meaning of Thanksgiving, back to before the pilgrims, to the idea of giving thanks for the harvest. In England, they called it "Harvest Home." It was a civic, not a religious holiday, though many took the time to acknowledge God as provider.

We tend to focus on the pilgrim's and think of theirs as the "first" thanksgiving, but many cultures have harvest celebrations. It's even in the Bible. Our American holiday has become a reminder of  our shameful historical and current treatment of Native  Americans who, like all of us, deserve justice, consideration, and respect. And perhaps it should be. There is work to be done there.

But that also shouldn't take away from thanking and acknowledging God. Or simply being grateful that we have enough.

Let us remember.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving. 

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Song for Sunday: God Help Me!

This song by Plumb is a reminder that faith and Christian life isn't all happiness and light. There are struggles, failures and difficulties. We all get sunshine, we all get rain. Faith doesn't protect us from the bad stuff. It was never meant to.

I cam across this song last week in the midst of a spiritual struggle. It helped a lot. I hope it can be of help to others.

Here's the link:

What songs help you? 

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Song for Sunday: Piano Man

I really have no reason to share this, except that I am in a Billy Joel mood and it's a good one.

I hope that you enjoy it and it's hopefulness.

May your manager give you a smile!