Friday, July 13, 2012

Cruise Control

I made a long trip today. I was driving someone else's car and it had cruise control, a feature I have never used before. It was kinda of neat.

It also had two settings.  One to restrict acceleration and one to stop deceleration (unless you applied the break.) Maybe this is typical, as I said I never used cruise control before. I suppose if you have a lead foot you might choose the first option to avoid speeding tickets. If you are a timid driver you might go for the second option so as not anger other drivers on the highway. Both useful things, but this post isn't really about driving.

I wonder if there is cruise control for our spiritual lives?

Some of us tend to get over busy, so maybe need habits that can make sure we don't "accelerate" to the point that we crowd God out of our lives.

Others tend to procrastinate or get lazy so maybe need mentors and friends who make sure we don't "decelerate" in our practice of spiritual disciplines.

Or maybe all of us need each of those settings at times.

Of course, cruise control is just a tool. It can only help so much. It is the driver who must be aware of the road conditions and other cars and adjust accordingly. We, too, must be aware of what is going on around us spiritually, what God wants us to be doing and how we need to change.

But I do think that there are tools that we can use to help. What have you found works?

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