Sunday, April 15, 2012


I spent part of my weekend studying the Trinity.

I actually took a boffer sword of my son's on this retreat as an object that reminded me of the Holy Spirit. Partly because in the armor of God, there is a Sword of the Spirit. Partly, because my son made this sword and its decoration is a little different. That reminded me of the creative work of the Spirit, doing a "new thing."

This ancient prayer, by St. Patrick, reminds us of the inseperable nature of the Trinity.

Our God, God of all men
God of heaven and earth, seas and rivers,
God of sun and moon, of all the stars,
God of high mountain and lowly valley,
God over heaven, and in heaven, and under heaven.
He has a dwelling in heaven and earth and sea
and in all things that are in them.
He inspires all things, he quickens all things.
He is over all things, he supports all things.
He makes the light of the sun to shine,
He surrounds the moon and the stars,
He has made wells in the arid earth,
Placed dry islands in the sea.
He has a Son co-eternal with himself...
And the Holy Spirit breathes in them;
Not separate are the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.
(Patrick c389-461)*


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