Thursday, April 26, 2012

Deeply involved...

I needed to finish a dress in three days, so from Wednesday to Saturday I pretty much did nothing but go to fittings and sew. Fortunately, I had help from two more experienced seamstresses and it got done.

When I resurfaced from the project, I took a look around. There were....some things to clean up. Not only fabric scraps and pins, but the dishes and cluttery stuff I'd neglected. It was only a few days, so no real harm was done.

What happens when projects involve us to deeply for too long? How much of a mess happens then? Perhaps it is not only housekeeping that gets put aside, but also friends, family and spiritual disciplines. Neglecting those leads to more lasting consequences.

Of course, God may call us to a specific, focused purpose for a season. But a lot of projects are either frivolous or good in themselves, but not if worked on to excess. In most times, God calls us to balance a variety of responsibilities.

What has been your experience with this?

I am participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge.  This is post number 20 of 30 needed in April to complete it.

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