Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Random Things I Learned This Week

In this information, we sometimes come upon information that is basically connected to nothing we are doing, Over the last few days I learned some random things a few of which I will share here, just for fun.

Caffeine is a pesticide.

  I had no idea. Apparently this is good for tea leaves and coffee beans. I don't know what it means for us, if anything. I have no idea if an organic pesticide could be made using that information either. But for some reason that tiny fact took me by surpise.

Passover is the origin of spring cleaning.

   Well not Passover, specifically, but the ritual removal of leaven from the home that precedes the holiday. I read about this on a fellow blogger's site. It makes sense now that I've learned of it, but I'd never made the connection before. The removal of leaven is a symbolic reminder to the Jews to remove sin from their lives. I conducted a devotion for a women's group a few years ago, in which I encouraged those present to think of Spring Cleaning as a metaphor for spiritual cleansing.

Beet Juice is a ph indicator. Add an acid and it turns blue add a base and it turns red. Pretty cool, although fairly useless unless you are looking for a science project.

There you go.  What random things have you learned lately?

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