Monday, April 9, 2012

Keeping me young

I am visiting a dog buddy of mine (and his family). He happens to have a canine friend visiting as well. My buddy is getting on in years ... he's 10. His friend is just three, so rather younger.

I have been watching them. Well, it's hard not to since they love attention. Judson, the older dog, has been  more active than usual with Echo around. Very energetic and playful. He is, in fact, behaving like a younger dog.

It puts me in mind of a conversation I had once with a fellow youth minister I met at a conference. We were talking about our ministries and I said that being around young people all the time made me feel old, because they are always giving up their seats for me and making sure I have a bed for overnights when they are all sleeping on the floor.  She replied, "Oh, I find that they keep me young."

And as I think of it, I realize that it is true. Oh, being polite folk, they do help me up and so on. And they make me more aware of the passage of time as they grow up, graduate, join the staff, move on.

But they also keep me active, in touch with new ideas, seeking new perspectives. I feed off their energy. As I seek to challenge them, I reach for new heights.

Yes, they keep me young and I love it.

How about you?

Christian Youth Conference at Ocean Park, the youth ministry I volunteer with,  seeks to challenge high school teens to an active faith in Christ and to develop their God-given gifts so that they can become leaders in their churches and communities. Our main event is a two week conference in August on the southern coast of Maine. Check it out here.

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