Sunday, October 21, 2012

Youth Ministry Stereotypes Destroyed

In my mind, because of my experience, youth ministers are men in their twenties. All my youth leaders were such and so are my sons.

I am talking about church youth group leaders. I know dozens of women and people in their 30s -80s who have served in other types of youth ministry. I do myself.

Last night, I had a sort of paradigm shift.

I was helping with a CYC Multi-Church Youth Event. We get  local church youth groups together for an evening of fellowship, games and Bible study.

The youth leaders who brought kids last night included four slightly older women (they all have grown children) and a middle aged couple from Southeast Asia. All six were clearly interested in their students and had brought them to meet others. The leaders are going to start meeting to network and plan.

I am excited. I think youth ministry needs people with a range of ages and a variety of interests and experiences not to mention both genders. Men in their twenties have plenty of positves to bring to the position, but so do others. So, if you love God and teenagers, consider if you may be called to this valuable ministry.

Are you?

This is my twentieth post for the October Ultimate Blog Challenge. Only one behind!


  1. Hi Melinda. I see you are keeping up with the blog posts. Kudos!! The Ultimate Blog Challenge has been a challenge, but I've enjoyed it. I want to blog at least 3 days a week, and it has really helped me.

    Although I am in different religion than you, I see a lot of value in teaching the gospel to youth. One of the reasons we joined our church was because of the focus on youth programs. It is so important to teach them when they are young, and I applaud what you are doing.

    All the best,

    1. Hello Leslie!

      I think, for any denomination, investment in youth is important. Not only because they are "the future" but because they have so much energy and skill to contribute now. Sure they lack experience, but we all did at one point. You are right, teaching them when they are young is very important. If I were to move or otherwise need to find a new congregation, I think I would look for a church with solid Christian teaching, a loving community and a great youth program. I am a Baptist, but I could look beyond that label to find the best place for our family.

      Thanks for stopping by,