Sunday, October 28, 2012

"Frankenstorm" ... see if they need something

So .... have you got in some groceries, filled up the gas tank and checked the flashlight batteries? Good. Put the lawn furniture in the shed? Excellent.

You've finished your whole storm preparedness list? Awesome.

How about doing one more thing....

 Check on your neighbors.

Perhaps there is an elderly couple or a disabled person next door who needs you to run an errand.

Or maybe that family with two kids down the street has a parent functioning solo for the duration. Maybe the spouse is deployed, or works for emergency services, or manages a hardware store, a gas station or a supermarket. Maybe they could use a hand bringing in the yard toys or someone to provide childcare while they get supplies.

That family is either making a sacrifice to keep us safe generally or to provide a necessary service right now. Where would be without them? Can't hurt to see if they need something right?

Anyway, it's just neighborly, and the right thing to do.


Now I need to go across the street and ring a doorbell.

Stay safe East Coast!!

This is my 28th post for the Ultimate Blog Challenge. Caught up!! 

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