Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Why do we homeschool?

Everyone has their own reasons for making this choice. We've been chatting and here's our lists.

The children said:

You get to choose which topic you study when.

You get to go to school in your pajamas.

You can gear your education to what you want to do.

You can stay with friends anytime.

You can do lessons outside and include fun games.

You get to see your family a lot more.

It's topic -based instead of time-based so you can finish earlier

When you wake up in the morning, you can just walk downstairs. No getting ready for school.

One kid also wants me to say:
You might not have a lot of friends. Some friends aren't available.You are with the same small group of people all day.

The adults said:

Flexibility. You can travel, do things in the middle of the day, set your own schedule. The curriculum is also flexible. You can use whatever you want -- although, on the down side, it can be hard to find something you like.

Time with the kids -- you don't send them away from you every day.

It's a better education - some schools are great, there are many good teachers out there, but nothing beats one-on-one tutoring from someone who knows you well and always has your best interests in mind.

There are many more opportunities to share your faith and values.

That's why we homeschool in our little conglemeration.

Why did you make the educational choice you are working with?

This is my 23rd post for the October Ultimate Blog Challenge. Eight to go!


  1. My kids are not homeschooled but I do follow up with them when they are back from school so that there is still 1-1 with me at home.

    1. Oh, of course. And, honestly, when we say "it's a better education" we are being theoretical. It is -- or should be -- better IF we keep up with it well. Even unschoolers, who don't use schedules or curriculum imposed by adults, need to stay on top of things as they follow their childrens' interests. I was a school teacher for years. I saw great things happen in schools. But any teacher can tell you that it is easier to teach one than 20. Still, flexibility is our top reason for going this route. We get to visit, conform to the life of a classical violinist who works nights and weekends, etc, etc. It just works for us.