Thursday, October 18, 2012

Jesus is not a murderer.

Before you say, “duh” the title is because of a question my young son asked:

If Jesus said that if you get angry at someone you are guilty of murder and He got angry at that moneychangers at the Temple, is He guilty of murder?

I looked for answers. There was an insightful one from a friend who pointed out that Jesus anger was righteous and that He was angry at the sin not the sinners.

I also looked up the quote above story of the money changers, intending to see if the word for “anger” in the Greek was the same in both passages. I discovered that the “word” anger is not found in the story of the money changers. His actions appear angry but perhaps they were more decisive and strong than furious.

Ultimately we know that Jesus was without sin (Hebrews 4:14-15). So, no, He was not guilty of murder. And that was the answer I gave my son.

It was a good question, though, and I am glad he asked. Those who are able to question and think things through usually end up with a stronger faith that is more their own.

What questions have you had to field recently? 

My seventeenth post for the Ultimate Blog Challenge. One day behind - best I have ever done to this point. :)

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