Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Challenge Completed.

With this post, I complete the October 2012 Ultimate Blog Challenge.

I had set myself to complete all 31of the required posts, and I managed to do that. I
missed only two days and made them up quite easily. The other times that I have
participated in the challenge, I have either not finished or had to write several posts in the
last two days. I did better with that this time.

I also set myself to comment on a minimum of two of my fellow participants blog posts
every day. Most days, I followed through on that. Sometimes, I went well past the
minimum. However, over the last few days, with the storm and all, I have fallen behind. I
will be commenting on a minimum of six blogs tonight.

When I did comment, I met interesting people, learned useful stuff and gained new
insights. It’s a great part of the challenge, being part of a group. I have liked all the
people I have encountered and enjoyed a wide variety of blogs. There is such a diversity
of themes and topics!!

So what happens next?

I keep blogging. I keep commenting. I hope to keep close to this level and maybe set
myself a higher standard when the challenge rolls around again in January. Perhaps, I will
do more commenting and try some experiments with my content.

Anyway, It’s been a fun month.

Thanks, fellow bloggers, for making this challenge such a great experience.

And thanks, Michelle and Michele for putting it together!!

Have a blessed day!

This is my 31
st post for the October 2012 Ultimate Blog Challenge. All done!


  1. Glad you made it this time! A January challenge might be the "ticket" to help me get through the winter. I set myself a goal of one post a week. I did better than that with 9 posts during October. I still have a lot to write, but making the time is my challenge. Good job, Melinda (and please encourage me to join you in January).

    1. It would be great to have you. Nine posts in a month is good!