Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Taking Risks

There are always risks in travel and more in traveling to developing nations.

We have found a few risks.

I have not, as people insisted I would, needed to watch my son every second. When he got bored at the celebrations (there were some long sessions - giving out awards, extended sermons, etc., all in Burmese) he went to other places in the compound. He could visit stalls, look at the exhibition, or use the computer in the seminary president's office. It is a very safe place, full of Baptists. The worst that happened was that he got his picture taken about 10 million times by people not used to seeing a white child. Outside the compound I have been more vigilant, although at our guest house he can go down to the lobby on his own.

Food, of course, requires care. Jordan took a calculated risk tonight and ate a club sandwich with raw vegetables. At a fine hotel that caters to westerners, though, so most likely not a problem. I'll let you know tomorrow when I post more about food.

Driving is an adventure. There aren't always seatbelts and it's a "blow & go" system. Lean on the horn and pass. Pedestrians have to get out of the way. We have a local driver; we are not crazy enough to get behind the wheel ourselves. Still, it's nowhere near as safe as driving at home.

Then, there is the fire risk. The electrical systems, including the one at our guest house, appear dodgy. There is only one way in and out and that is gated and locked at night. It's worrying.

This trip, though, is thoroughly worth the risks. We have met amazing people and seen wonderful sights. We have been blessed and hope that we have been a blessing. We are learning so much, too! We will have many things to report about ministries, needs, prayer requests, etc when we come back.

As I said, it's worth the risk and we trust that if God called us here he will bring us safely home.

We are all a bit ill, sharing a virus, but it doesn't seem to be a horrible one. Just a tough cold.

We do ask your prayers for our health and safety.

And God bless your day!!

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