Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Clean Sheets for the New Year

I follow this tradition and I know several others who do.

We strip our beds on New Year's Eve and then put on clean sheets to wake up in on New Year's morning.

I suppose it is symbolic of a new start, a fresh beginning. New year is traditionally the time to reflect on what has gone well and what needs to change. It's a bit out of sync in some ways as nothing new seems to start in January.

For Christians, the liturgical new year is the first Sunday in advent, at the end of November or the beginning of December. That year begins with anticipating the birth of Christ and works its way through His life and on to the life of the Church.

Most academic and church program years begin in September in my area, August in other parts of the U.S.

Still, we tend to see this night as an emotional and spiritual turning point. We make resolutions, set goals or simply reflect on our lives. At my house, one thing we will do is open our gratitude jar and read about the good things that have happened to us. We'll play games, listen to music and toast the New Year at midnight. Hopefully, we'll remember to take a moment to thank God for his blessings and seek his guidance.

And, we'll change our sheets. Because that's what we do.

How about you? What are your traditions?

Blessings for 2014.......and

!!Happy New Year!! 

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  1. I opened my Gratitude Jar last night and put the slips of paper in date order. Today I'll read them. It will be interesting to see what made it into the jar.