Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Food for 10,000

First off, Jordan suffered no ill effects from eating raw vegetables last night. :)

Our host is the President of the Pwo Karen Baptist Seminary. His seminary hosted 10,000 people for the Judson BiCentenary finding them beds, setting up temporary latrines and keeping things orderly and moving. The seminary students (16-20 year olds) plus youth from the villages perforned "Stewardship." In teams, they set-up, cleaned and served food.

The seminary also  cooked for all those guests plus 500 extra. Before the program started, we had a tour of the big outdoor kitchen they were using:


The wood for the fires was from some buildings that had recently been torn down.

Twice each day the peope  were served "meat ball" (curried meat with a serving of rice) in styrofoam lunchboxes which the youth laid out on several rows of long tables at three or four stations around campus. They could pick up breakfast between 9:30 and 11:30 and dinner between 4:00 and 6:00.

So how was the food? Well, I don't know how that food was because our group didn't eat it. Before the sessions started our host sat down with us and explained that he was afraid the food might not be good for foreigners' stomachs and he wanted to provide us with separate food that would be very clean. So all through the celebrations we ate meals like this one. 

And they were good. 

It was a real blessing, too, as otherwise we would have had to spend time and money at safe restautants. We are very grateful!!

What food advenures have you had?

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  1. very interesting, it remind me my childhood when people had to cook on street during special holiday.