Thursday, December 5, 2013

Inherited Honor

Here at the Judson Celebrations, American Baptists are honored.  Why? Because 200 years ago it was two Americans who brought the gospel to Burma. Really, I haven't done anything to deserve this personally, it's all because of the ancestors.

200 years ago, Adoniram and Ann Hasseltine Judson arrived in Burma sick, discouraged and feeling terribly alone. By the grace of God, they survived and learned to teach and preach in Burma. Now, the Burmese consider them theirspiritual parents. It goes the other way, too. Roy Medley, General Secretary of ABC/USA, spoke . He described the Baptist church as "our first children in the faith, now grown and matured and working shoulder to shoulder with us to build God's kingdom." He also called on them to work for peace and justice.

One of the government speakers also asked them to work for peace and unity. He told them he was excited to see the ethnic groups gathered together for celebration.

Historically, there has been much unrest between the ethnic groups in Burma. Some of them, anyway. The government representive tasked the visitors to work for peace a united Mysnmar. Later, we enjoyed dances and songs from various ethnic groups (plus Japan) and others will perform on the other nights. Because this was the opening ceremony many people dressed in their traditional village clothing. (Jordan and I purchased and wore Karen outfits.) Much of this reminds me of the Intercultural Conference I attended last summer. A different set of ethnic groups but the same goal: unite in Christ while preserving and honoring the various cultures.

Have a blessed day!

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