Monday, December 2, 2013


Flexibility is key when your traveling, especially when your traveling to cultures and places very different from your own.

We are adjusting -- to heat and crowds, old buildings, cold showers that are a nozzle in the wall of the bathroom, heavy traffic and a lack of seatbelts. All kinds of things.

We are adjusting, too, to a last minute change in the composition of our group because of a sudden illness that kept two from flying with us from LA. It'll change what we are going to do,  but God will make a way for us to be useful, I am sure.

We were met at the airport by the head of the seminary and his colleagues who drove us to the guest house and took care of our bags. They have dinner planned for us tonight at the school and also told us that they will give us a tour of the city tomorrow. This was totally unexpected and we are very grateful. Not all the things we have to adapt too are difficult.

Our flight was loooooong but even Jordan handled it fine and we had no problems with luggage, customs, security and all that. We made all our connections despite a delay out of LA. We arrived here late, but all was well.

We are getting our feet under as and recovering from jet lag. We look forward to adventure!

What are you adapting to?


  1. I joke that "flexibility is my middle name" because flexibility is NOT in my disposition. The holidays always highlight my deficiencies in this area. Though I am trying. And the husband says I've gotten much better over the years.

    Glad you made it to your destination without too much trouble. God has a way of making the trip exactly what it's supposed to be.