Saturday, December 7, 2013

Song for Sunday: Carry the Light

Yesterday at the Judson Celebrations in Myanmar the choir of Christ Church in Ahlone sang this song written by a Southern Baptist Missionary Carla Gonyo especially for the bicentennial anniversary. We were very touched by it.

Here are a few quotes and a link so you can listen to it sung...

"When Judson left America he said, 'This is my delight.
The will of the Father I do with all my might.
I will go to a nation who has never heard before.
I will sacrifice all that I am, no matter what's in store
I'll carry the light...."

"He suffered many hardships, his wife and children died.
But in prison the Word was a pillow for his head.
God's soveriegnty afforded that by you it might be read.."

The great, great, great grandauther
of the man who rescued the Burmese
Bible from the prison trash heap.

"Judson was to you what another was to him.
Handed down, carried on and now it's yours to send.
Jesus is that light, the only way to get to Heaven.."

"Carry the light to Ka'chin, to the Wah, Shan and Chin
Carry the light to Danu, to Rakhine, Kayah, Lahu
Carry the light to Pa-O, to Palong, Karen and Mon
Carrry the light..."

Reconciliation between ethnic groups is a major theme of this conference, thus the listing of the groups in the song.

Here's a link so you can hear it in full:

Carry the Light

                          Carla Gonyo, author of 
                         "Carry the Light" 

Blessings on your Sunday!!

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