Sunday, December 15, 2013

Song for Sunday: For Unto Us A Child Is Born

I heard a song based on Isaiah 9:6 at Brayton Memorial Church, a Pwo Kayin church in Yangon. It wasn't the Handel version, it was quieter, more lyrical and the words were slightly different. (It was sung in English, so I understood the words.) It was beautiful. The line "He's the friend of the rich, the poor, the sinners"stuck with me.

This isn't the songI heard at church I couldn't find that one But I like this one, too. It was wtitten by Sam Chaplin for a nativity play. The focus is on Jesus as the Prince of Peace. The pastor preached on that this morning -- a second pastor summarized the sermon in English at the end of it, so I know. Peace on both international and interpersonal levels is so needed, so often lacking. May God bring change.

Anyway, I hope this adds to your Christmas.

God bless!

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