Thursday, July 21, 2011


Baptists aren't big on talking about sanctification, really. We are more into salvation with maybe a bit of justification thrown in.

But God seems to be talking to me about this lately. It first came up at Ockham's Kegger, the Christian discussion group I attend that meets in a bar. We were talking about Dante. Epsicopalians apparently put a bit more emphasis on sanctification than Baptists and Dante was medieval Catholic, so he put even more emphasis on it. (I like hanging out in ecumenical settings cause you get a broader view of things.)

Sanctification, by the way, is the process of being made holy, of becoming more like Christ. The Holy Spirit does this work in us and through as we surrender to Him. But it does take some conscious effort and work on our part as well.

Anyway, after the Dante talk, sanctification has come up in my reading and it was mentioned in a sermon at a worship service I attended last night. So God seems to want to bring this concept to my attention. The question is why? I guess I'd better try to figure that out!

Have a great day!

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