Sunday, July 31, 2011


We dropped my son off at camp today. He'll stay a week, a week my husband and I will use for housekeeping and dates. Then we go, as a family, to Christian Youth Conference at Ocean Park. For Jordan that'll mean day camp in the morning, hanging with his friends in the afternoon and evening and much more freedom of movement than he gets at home. He gets the run of campus -- with so many people who love him around, we feel safe with that. For my husband it means two weeks to hide out and plan curricula for next year. For me it means two intense weeks of doing work that I love with people I love. I am excited.

After three weeks, we'll regroup as a family and get back to our normal routines of work and homeschooling. But this break is good for us, I think. And I think that camp is good for kids. Teaches them independence. Not that they shouldn't rely on Mom and Dad at this age, but they need to start the process of moving on. Personally, I think it's good for that to start in small doses.

What do you think about camp for kids?

Christian Youth Conference at Ocean Park, meeting from August 7-19 this year is an awesome leadership development program for teens. All welcome. Still time to register and schlarships still available. Click here for more info.

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