Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Getting Organized --Playroom

Every once in a while I've posted "Getting Organized" articles. They've been my "success stories:"
Something Accomplished (Garage)
Getting Organized -- Kitchen!
Getting Organized -- Kitchen, Part 2

  Today I am writing about one of my trouble spots. Our "play room".(HELP!!)

It's been in this state for years. Since we moved in, except for an occasional brief period of usability. 
Five years is too long. It's time to stop this "yo-yo diet" style 
of organization and get down to business. 

I think that might take some public accountability. Hence, this post. I'd love it if you'd keep after me. My goal?  A lived in but functional room in one month. July 1. If it's not ready by then, I might have to higher a professional organizer. (Which isn't in my budget.)

But, honestly, this can't go on. 

Of course I still have my regular housekeeping and spring cleaning as well, so say a prayer for me. 

I'll post weekly updates, to keep myself on track.

What's your biggest organizing challenge?

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