Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Getting Organized -- Pantry!

I have a wonderful pantry. It came with the house I inherited and my brother -in-law fixed it up before we moved in.

The thing is, though, over three years it had gotten into a mess. And I mean, a mess!

Here. I'll prove it.

Pretty bad, eh? I'm not sure how I stood it.

So, I emptied it out, wiped it down and reorganized it. I even donated some stuff and threw out some junk. 
Here's the "after" version:

Jordan did get a pic of the "unseemly" bag of potatoes on the floor: 

 But overall, much better, I'd say:

 How are your organization projects coming along?

Photos by J. Parry


  1. It's a requirement to be somewhat organized on an urban farm. I'm holding out on some plants that should have a lot of production soon and everything else has been pulled out and composted. I have make sure our freezer is organized as there'll be a bunch of rabbit meat going in soon. Then the new chicken run has to be finished. I guess there's more to organize than I have time to do it.

  2. That always seems to be the case with me, too...

  3. I tend to be pretty organized when it comes to my cupboards, etc. However, when things do get out of control I seem to just let them go until I can't stand it any more. I think of my cellar and my garage; somehow the chaos is easy to ignore.