Monday, June 20, 2016

Meme-ic Monday: The Library

It has been said -- I found it quoted in several places -- that the public library is the poor man's university. Perhaps it should be poor person's university. 

You can learn about literally anything at a good public library, and most libraries can borrow from other libraries, even university libraries, if they don't have information on what you are looking for themselves. 

Many libraries provide free internet access as well, opening a plethora of online courses and resources about just about anything. 

Libraries even offer classes themselves. J and I have learned how to write resumes and do well on job interviews, we've supplemented our geography and history knowledge at engaging lectures, met interesting people at reenactments, and tasted new foods at cooking demonstrations. J has also learned how to program 3D printables in tinkercad, how to solder, and how to code computer games. On top of learning how to find books and do basic research. All for free. All at local public libraries. 

And that's just a sample. 

Libraries aren't free of course. Our taxes pay for them. Which makes it all the better to use them well to support lifelong learning. 

They aren't quite free, but they are a blessing and a help. I thank God for them. 

So I encourage you to get to the library, support your library, enjoy your library.  It's yours, after all.

I mean, that's Albert Einstein up there in that meme. He was a smart dude. And he went to the library. 

I dedicate this post to the memory of my sister Pam, a dedicated library director, who passed away a few months ago. Her town was better for her educational leadership. We were all better for knowing her. Love you, Pam!

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