Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Memories and ABCs -- Camp!

Each year at the youth conference, the classes of young women make gifts for each other, their counselors, and the women faculty. . Back in 1999, one class handed out a scroll title the "ABC's of NEBYC." It's a list of things they found wonderful about the conference and wanted to remember. I came across my copy today. Reading it,  I realized how much of the list would be echoed by campers now... or campers back in 1920. Back in 1920, we were called the "School of Methods"; now we are CYC. But name changes notwithstanding, the important stuff has remained constant. Here's that list:

The ABC's of NEBYC

A  Alone with God: Answers: Amazing
B  Beauty: Banquet: Boys: Believing is Becoming: Bell Tower: Block Party: Big Sisters
C  Communion: Commitment: Chapel: Class: Campfire: Care Cards: Canoeing: Curfew: Camp Meetings
D  Dining Hall: Dancing: Desire: Devotions
E  Enthusiasm: Energy (or lack of): Evening program: Everlasting Bond
F  Faith: Fun: Friends:: Fellowship: Fort Williams: Free Time
G  God: Graduation
H  Hasseltine: Hope: Hugs: Holy Spirit
I  Indescribable: Ideas: Individual: Inspiration
J  Jesus: Judson: Joking: Joy
K  Knowledge: Kindred Spirits
L  Love: Listening: Laughter: Life: Little Sisters
M  Meaning: Miracles: Moonlight
N  Nature
O  Ocean Park: Ocean: Openness
P Peaceful: Party: Pines: Possibilities
Q Questions: Quiet Time
R  Railroad Tracks: Raiding (there is no...): Reveille: Raspberry Lime Rickey
S   Singing: Serenade: Silence: Sherwood: Sunrise: Sunset: Searching: Swimming: Soda Fountain: Soulful:
     Smiles: Spirit: Sunshine
T  Temple: Thankful: Tears & Tissues: Trust: Talent Show
U  Unconditional Acceptance: unity: Unique
V  Ventures: Vacation: Volleyball: Vespers
W  Worthy: Wacky: Wonderful: Water: Welcome
X  Xcellent: Xtraordinary
Y  You (the one and only): Yummy
Z  Zany: Zeal

Camps and conferences for teens offer so much. Try it and see. 

CYC, or the Christian Youth Conference at Ocean Park, offers two weeks of Christian community, discipleship training, fun and friendship every August on the beautiful southern coast of Maine. Check us out!

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