Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wednesday Encouragements: A Solution

A few days ago I posted a rant about car keys costing $69.00 because of computer chips. I just wanted an extra key in case I got locked out again. A friend of mine made a suggestion that worked. I thought I'd pass it along.

She recommended that I ask the hardware store if they could make a key just for the door. It's only when you put the key in the ignition that the chip comes into play.

So I went to a local shop and asked. The kindly clerk wasn't sure but made a copy and sent me out to my car to try it. It worked, so he made another. I paid and went on my way.

A simple solution. Often there are such solutions to problems when we step back and take a look. God can provide a way to handle difficulties from the simplest to the most complex, if we just let Him. Sometimes it is through a friend, such as with the keys today. Other times, He leads us through our thoughts, a sermon, a song or a book. I have found it over and over again.

How about you?

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  1. Yes, I believe that we have to look outside the box for answers to many questions. We must pray and trust in God to help I think outside the box.