Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Slow Motion

When I teach dance... which isn't very often these days... I go one step at a time and begin by teaching the kids slowly. Later we put everything together and bring it up to tempo. It only makes sense, right.

I am currently enrolled in a School of Ministry and am working with my mentor to learn how to preach. At the next Christian Youth Conference event I need to offer a wrap - up to the scripture lesson. Basically, it will be a short sermon. So I am starting with that.

While my mentor was explaining the first steps in preparing a sermon, she asked me when I needed to preach it. "June 8."  "Oh, well imagine being a pastor and having to go through this process every week."

OK, I thought about it. I definitely can't be preaching every week at this point. But that's alright, isn't it? I'm just at the beginning of this process. Eventually, I'll learn to do the whole thing together and quickly enough. (Assuming, I land in church. I might do something else, like youth ministry.)

Anyway, what have you been learning? Are you still in slow-motion or are you up to tempo?

Have a great day!


  1. I think we are all learning all the time. It's what makes our elders so smart, right? But my focus shifts around. I hope I learn things that are worthwhile to me and my family on a personal level as much as needing to learn more about things that really don't interest me - such as this lap top :(

  2. It's definitely easier to learn things that interest us. I see that every day at math time. My son has no motivation to learn arithmetic...but then I am not terribly desiring of finishing trigonometry. Ah, we'll both get there. Thanks for stopping by ... and all success with that laptop!