Friday, May 25, 2012

Calling Dig Safe

It's one of those things that appeared to be much harder than it actually was.

When I was planning my garden and landscaping project, my husband suggested that we dig out the beds instead of doing raised beds, then use that loam to grade by the house.  I explained that that would involve calling Dig Safe, which is required whenever you disturb the soil.

I got into the project more, though and found that going up as high as I wanted to wasn't going to be practical. So I bit the bullet and made the call.

I was expecting a bureaucratic nightmare and a hefty fee. I got something altogether different.

I dialed 811, spoke to someone in under a minute, got good information. I marked the dig spot as directed, called back and had my ticket in less than 5 minutes. Then I just had to wait 72 hours so the utilities could mark where there lines and pipes were. Easy -peasy.

Guess what? It was free. Absolutely free.

So ... if you are digging, call Dig Safe.

And when you are facing something that seems complicated and difficult, remember: it might not actually be so hard.

Have a blessed day!!

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