Sunday, May 6, 2012


There have been a number of health problems in my family over the years. Plus, I worked in special needs education and have had many students with medical conditions assigned to my classes.

Therefore, I can give meds orally, rectally, topically, by injection, and through a PICC line. I can provide bedbaths and administer tube feedings. I know how to transfer an adult from a bed or a wheelchair via stand pivot, by using a hoyer lift or by lifting them with someone else. I can take your blood pressure. I have learned what means what on a bedside monitor. I know what to do if you have a seizure or go into anaphylactic shock.

And I can't do a tenth of what nurses do everyday.

So today, on International Nurses' Day, I salute these wonderful men and women who care for us in hospitals, nursing homes, health clinics, schools and our own houses. Without them, we would be in BIG trouble. They deserve our respect. and our gratitude.

Thank you nurses!!


  1. Thank goodness for nurses. It looks like my 16 you daughter is headed in that direction. It takes a special person and I'll be very proud of her if that's what she ends up doing.

  2. It's a wonderful profession! Glad to know there are young people aiming for it.