Monday, May 21, 2012


Where do you sing?

In the shower? Or maybe you are in a choral group or church choir. 

Do you have the opportunity to sing spontaneously with a group? Is live music a regular part of your life?
For many people, the answer is "no" and that is true of children, too. Kids have music class which may or may not involve live music. Chorus and band, with attendant music lessons, allow some children the opportunity to sing and play, but in a directed setting. In other words, the teacher chooses the music. 

Summer camps -- at least traditional summer camps -- still give students, whatever their musical ability, the chance to engage in music. It's for the sheer  fun of it, too, not to meet educational objectives or satisfy a curriculum. 

Singing around a campfire or in the dining hall are time honored traditions at many camps. They have songs everyone learns and songs that new campers or staff bring. 

This is one great reason to send the kids to camp.

When have you sung around the campfire? What is your favorite campfire song?

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