Saturday, May 5, 2012

How much?

I want to get a few extra keys for my car, so I went down to the local hardware store to get copies.

"We can do that for you but it will be $69.00."

Say what?

Apparently, there is a computer chip in my key. If someone tries to start the car with a different key, the cars computer crashes and the car won't start.

Ummm. Well. Personally, I think this is taking security to the level of the ridiculous. I drive an everday used get from Point A to Point B type of car. I am more likely to lose my keys than to have my car stolen. Or I might lock them in the car again, like I did the other night.

Oh, I know some people need to be more careful. High end luxury and sports cars, etc. need special protection. Perhaps everyone who lives in a high-crime area, too. But I am not in those situations and I am very frustrated!!

I wonder if this computer thing can be disabled so I can just buy normal keys?

Oh, well. Just ranting.

Have a good day!

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