Saturday, January 19, 2013

Halfway There!

It's a cool thing to reach the halfway point of a project -- or any milestone for that matter. It lets you see that you are making progress and gives you new impetus to keep going. At least that's what it does for me.

Right now, I am knitting a baby blanket. It's red, white and black. (Odd, I know, but I think I hope --it will suit this baby's family. Besides, when Jordan was born all the "latest research" showed that babies see red white and black best.) It's a paneled design, with six panels and I just finished the third panel. I'm excited!

Of course if I think about it too much I will realize that I have used up more than half the time from when I started to the due date. I'd like to give this shortly after the baby makes his appearance, so I need to pick up the pace. I'm not dwelling on that just now, though. I am celebrating!!

How are your projects coming along?

I am participating in the January 2013 Ultimate Blog Challenge. However, I am not halfway there and if I actually finish I will be amazed.


  1. Well, today marks the 3/5ths point of my January goal to make a change to my morning routine. Week one was difficult. Half way through week two was even harder. This week seemed easier. If I can make it to Feb. 2 my plan is to build upon what I've started. Yes, half way through "is" a good thing. Congratulations.

  2. Melinda, congrats on reaching the halfway point of the baby blanket! I've seen that same research on colors babies prefer . . . :-)

  3. Right now a couple of projects - First, I "made" my first goal in Weight Watchers - 5% weight loss. The nice thing about Weight Watchers is that they don't set time goals - and the goals they do set are small - 5% of your weight is a lot more doable than "I really need to lose 30 pounds!". Second, starting to develop a long term care plan for my elderly mother in law. That is a lot slower and is like slogging through quicksand. I'm grateful I have help! I don't consider the UBC a "project". As for baby blankets - right now no pending babies, so I've been working on my latest baby blanket (I crochet) for - yikes, 5 months, and I'm maybe 1/4 through? You are doing much better than me. Congratulations! (and yes, I like making baby blankets in "nontraditional" colors - although not recently.)

    1. Thanks. Congratulations to you, too!

  4. Hi Melinda!

    I've written a post and followed the assignment of UBC every day since the start. I'm proud of myself! :)

    Congratulations on halfway through the blanket!