Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cold Toes .... Not, Anymore!! :)

I am on crutches. My left second metatarsil took exception to my sledding into a haybale and snapped. Silly thing.

I have a lovely blue cast which I am sure will aid my healing quite well. The only thing is that my toes are hanging out. It being January in New England they get cold. I am knitting myself a cover-up but knitting takes time.

A friend suggested that a Christmas stocking might be helpful. I tried it ….

 It looks ridiculous, especially since it is after epiphany and the Christmas season is over, but it works. It fits nicely and my toes are warm in it, even outdoors.

 I am thankful for my friend’s idea and pass it on in case it may be useful to anyone else.

What creative solutions have you found to difficulties?

Photos by Jordan Parry.

This is my fourth post for the January 2013 Ultimate Blog Challenge. Going for 31 posts in 31 days. Not doing so well thus far. You wouldn't think a broken foot would make writing difficult, would you?