Friday, September 14, 2012

When will I ever learn?

I had to come to school late tonight. Missed a yummy dinner and a chance to be social with my classmates.


Because I procrastinated. Didn't get my homework done on time. Had to go to the copy center and print it out when I should have been driving and drive when I should have been eating.

Ah, well.

I suppose I am busy. I taught a chemistry unit this week that had been pushed up from the end of the month because of a family visit. So instead of doing my homework, I was exploding coke bottles with mentos.  :)

But if I had been properly disciplined I could have done both.

But I didn't.

So I missed out on the fun part of school and I doubt the final product was my absolute best.

I guess I should figure this out before school goes much farther.

Anyone have any ideas for me?


  1. I think you do have it figured out. It's how to address it. Do you keep a schedule or date book? Personally I like lists and the satisfaction of scratching off a "done" item. Perhaps a spreadsheet where each column is a day or week and plan your personal, family, work and school times?

  2. Maybe you need to program in all the little details that you need to do to achieve these things....program in a way that you know you will access and use...if for you it's on your phone go for it...on the computer? A written format....Did you really want to socialise? Or was your subconcious stepping in? If you really want to you need to put things in place to not avoid it next time

  3. Thanks! I think I will look into "programming" better. An accessible list is probably a good idea...