Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bible, the BMX track and Physics...

I wasn't expecting to teach physics yesterday. Or this month for that matter.

But Jordan's Bible lesson yesterday morning including a definition of energy. It lead us into a discussion about potential and kinetic energy. Who knew that would happen?

Then, we decided to spend our physical education hour at the BMX bike track in town. Jordan decided to figure out how far he could go with out pedaling if he started on a downward slope. He then began pedaling different distances, stopping, and seeing how far he could coast. I pointed out that he was experimenting with potential and kinetic energy.

He snarled, but he got the idea.

So we got an extra lesson.

I love homeschooling for a million reasons, but one of them is this element of serendipity in learning. We have fun, we make connections, we grow -- often in unexpected ways.

What kind of serendipity have you found lately?


  1. That getting together to go for a walk with the purpose of exercising bring many, many other benefits! :)