Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Son is Starting a Blog

My eleven year old boy has decided to write a blog.

He saw mine and liked my fish gadget. Then he heard that you can make money writing a blog and decided he wanted to try it. (Please, no one tell him how little it is. He needs to practice his writing.) He's going to start tomorrow.

Jordan has decided his first post will be a book review. I won't tell you what book it is, but he was quite surprised to learn that many kids today would not know to be interested in it. He has decided to let them know that it is a really great book. Read his blog to find out why. In future posts he plans to talk about his life as a homeschooler, his photography and more books, DVDs and CDs. He's discovered that sometimes you can use quotes or invite guests to write on your blog, so he'll be doing some of that, too.

I am excited about this new venture of Jordan's. I hope he sticks with it for a while. Besides being good writing practice, it will give him a new creative outlet and a chance to interact with more people in a different way. It should be a marvelous learning experience.

Jordan is too young to have a Facebook page, but I'll post his blog on mine and also post links to it here. If anyone is willing to encourage a little boy in a new project, we'd both be grateful.

Have a wonderful day!

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