Friday, May 13, 2011

What I am Reading Now

Every once in a while, I describe what fiction I am reading. Now is one of those times, so here goes.

War in Heaven by Charles Williams

I enjoyed this supernatural thriller. My favorite character is the Archdeacon, a protagonist of joyous and impertubable faith in God, who lives a quiet life until caught up in the events surrounding the Holy Grail. Other characters are memorable, with the evil ones being truly siniser. Prester John is an intregal part of the story and around him people are more fully themselves, so it seems that he is of Heaven. The central idea of this good vs evil story is that evil destroys, annihilates, makes things nothing. We must, therefore, pray against nothing. It also explores what happens to those who defy God. A great, albeit somewhat frightening, book.

The Mongoliad Subutai Corporation

I am still following this internet novel and really enjoying the development of the characters. The plot is exciting, too. The Mongoliad is released chapter by chapter on a more or less weekly basis. When I first started reading it, several chapters had already been released and I had to play catch-up. Now, I am reading it as it was intended to be read and need to make use of the links the authors have helpfully provided to explain characters and locations. My memory isn't as good as it once was, I guess. Still, I am going forward. If The Mongoliad is ever published as a print book, I would like to try it in that format, too.

Wheel of Time Series by Robert Jordan

I just picked this up again. I am rereading the series. In December, I was back up to Book 8, now I am well into Book 9. It was hard going for a while, but after a break I am enjoying it again. It's a great series for lovers of fantasy, but the plot can be hard to follow and the characters difficult to keep straight. I am looking forward to Books 12 and 13, which I am told, wrap things up.

Tale Spinning by Stuart Nager

This is a blog, which the author calls "an open experiment in writing styles". There are original short stories from a variety of genres mixed in with posts on writing and teaching writing. The writing is really good and I would recommend this blog for people who like quick but thought -provoking reads. My favorite story so far is Materfamilias, a sad piece about Mother's Day.

Well, that's it. What are you reading?


  1. Wow..Thank you so much. I've been trying to catch up on MY reading (so much going on these last couple of weeks).

    Glad you're enjoying it. I have been having a blast writing what comes to me on that given day.

    Again, thank you. I clicked "follow" for your site.

  2. Thanks, Stuart. I love getting new followers. And I am enjoying your blog.