Saturday, April 11, 2015

Mouse in the House Update

I had a mouse in the house. See the beginning of the story here

So what did we do? How did it "end?"

We took those quick kill traps back to the store and got a live trap.

We set it with peanut butter using gloves to disguise the human scent. The first night the crafty critter took the peanut butter, then popped th top off of the trap to escape. The second night we used duct tape,

And we got him!!

My husband found him in the moning, drve him a distance to an open area, and let him go. He was completely unharmed.

A round of cleaning and disinfecting followed. We also reset the trap, but without result so far we'll leave it out for a few days. We'll stuffing holes with steel wool and maybe putting out mouse repellant as well.

So ..maybe a mouse free house!!

In an odd twist though, I went to a retreat center for the night. The house where I was staying with other women had... evidence of mice! Even on the kitchen counter and bathroom floor. The clean linen bin had droppings in it. Gross. But not scary because I never actually saw a mouse.

Leaves me wondering, though, why am I encountering so many mice?

What has your experience been with the creatures?

This is my 10th post for the April 2015 Ultimate Blog Challenge.


  1. Ugh. We live on a farm, and unfortunately mice are an ongoing battle. It seems just as I'm sure we've rid the house of them all, one shows up again. You would think with two cats they would stay away, but no. I especially like when I forget I have a trap out and stick my hand in the gooey peanut butter reaching to see what that odd shape is....

    1. Oh.. that would be yucky... I have thought about a cat...

  2. We have a lot of mice come into the house in the fall, but we put out poison and traps to deter them. We have several cats outside doing their thing, or else I'm sure we'd see lots more!