Monday, April 20, 2015

Eco Challenge Part 5

 Another Go to Zero Challenge!

Today I am writing about single use plastic water bottles, the type that are purchased with water in them and recycled or thrown out once empty.

Quite a number of water bottles in this picture.
There are many options available, including stainless steel and reusable plastic water bottles which can be filled with tap water. This is cheaper alternative to the single use variety.

If you can't drink your tap water, or don't like it, I would recommend buying five or ten gallon containers of spring water and filling your water bottles from that. Again, cheaper.

And much less wasteful.

Hence, healthier for us and our environment.

Glass water bottles are another good option.

I hope to inspire at least a few people to switch over to sustainable options for drinking water on the move.

Will you be one of them?

This is my 19th post for the April 2015 Ultimate Blog Challenge.


  1. We often wash out the single-use bottles and reuse them. The bigger gallon bottles are too heavy to carry around in my purse. LOL Great tip, though.

  2. We always wash out single-use bottles and reuse them for 2-3 weeks, then recycle and do the same with another one. It works for us :)


  3. We reuse single-use plastic bottles for quite a while if we have purchased water somewhere. We have individual stainless steel bottles that we use all the time. We filter the well water coming into our house and we then have a reverse osmosis filter on the kitchen sink for drinking water. It works well, and we can feel confident about the quality of the water we are drinking.