Saturday, April 25, 2015

Forgiveness: How?

Of all the "wh" questions, this is the one I struggle with most when it comes to forgiveness. I am a practical-minded person. I want concrete steps. The Bible doesn't get into detail about those, but it does point us in the right direction. There are other resources that I have found give good insight.

One, I just found. It's Wiki-Hows "How to Forgive." I like their suggestion of sending a blessing to the offender whenever the hurt they caused comes to mind. This can be through prayer and entirely unknown to them or you can wish them well with a card or an email, whatever is appropriate to your situation.

The idea to "stop telling the story" of your hurt to yourself or others is also a good one, I think. Rehearsing the details is unhelpful in most cases.

Another idea came via our church newsletter. This is adapted from what a member wrote. Put the name of a person you need to forgive into this prayer. "Forgive me my debts as I forgive____________." Asking God to start the process of forgiveness in us is also helpful.

What steps have you found work in the  process of forgiveness?

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This is my 23rd post for the April 2015 Ultimate Blog Challenge.

I have learned a lot about forgiveness at the Christian Youth Conference at Ocean Park, a  two-week experience of Christian community for high school teens. Held every August, for 100 years so far, on the beautiful southern coast of Maine. Check it out!


  1. I find forgiveness easy. I picture the way the person who caused harm must feel. Something in their past has hurt them and they pass that pain on. In my writing, I love to work out how ta character can work toward redemption. Hugs.

    1. That's a good practice. Redemption is a great theme for characters, too. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I believe forgiveness like love is a decision made in the will. I realize that my unforgiving heart poisons me not the other person. I realize that God forgave me not because of who I am but because of who He is. If God does this then y can too not because of who I am but because of what I am in Him. If I reflect on the pain inflicted on Christ by my sin, then the pain inflicted by someone else pales in comparison. We choose to forgive and when we bury the hatchet we must bury the handle as well so we don't pull the hatchet back up.

    1. Love that last line ... so true! Wish I were better at it!