Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Eco-Challenge #7 -- Uppin' the Knowin'

 For today,  a challenge to increase your knowledge about plastic and ocean pollution. I invite you to view a documentary or read a couple of articles. These are from reputable sources, but I can't personally vouch for the accuracy of all the contents of each one. Keep in mind that I think that plastic is very helpful in some ways. We just need to reduce the amount we throw away, by a lot.

Plastic Paradise -- a documentary on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Not perfect in the production department, but good information. Disturbing in some ways.

An article about a campaign by the Center for Biological Diversity: Ocean Plastics Pollution: A Global Tragedy for Our Oceans and Sea Life

Article by Natural Resources Defense Council: Solutions to Plastic Pollution in Our Oceans

Lessons to use with kids: Sea of Plastic/Quest

NOAA Education Resources: Ocean Pollution

Just to be fair: Here's an article by the professional organization for plastics companies. They defend their products here, explaining why they feel that plastic is not a danger. They have a vested interest in doing that, of course, but then none of the other articles in this post are unbiased either.   Society of Plastic Industry Article

Do you know of any good resources on plastic pollution?

 This is my 26th post for the 2016 Ultimate Blog Challenge. For those of you following the eco-challenge this is a day late. For those following my series on forgiveness, today's post on why to forgive will be posted later.

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